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Embalex Neoshield Welding Curtain EN540

Embalex Neoshield Curtains and Blankets

Embalex Neoshield has been developed for use in exposed environments where weather resistance is an important factor. The tough, fire retardant neoprene rubber coating protects the glassfibre fabric and provides excellent resistance to oils, abrasion, tearing and sparks.

Embalex Neoshield also has applications in the motor repair industry as engine and windscreen protection during welding operations.

Supplied with brass eyelets fitted all round as standard, Embalex Neoshield can be used as either a curtain or a blanket.

General Description

Mediumweight, glass fabric coated on both sides with a tough, flame-retardant black neoprene rubber.

Specification Details

Base Fabric

Plain woven glass fibre.


Fully cured, flame-retardant black neoprene rubber compound applied to both sides.

Base Fabric Weight

200 g/m2

(+/- 10 g/m2)

BS 3424/5B

Coating Weight

340 g/m2

(+/- 10 g/m2)

BS 3424/5C

Total Weight

540 g/m2

(+/- 20 g/m2)

BS 3424/5A

Tensile Strength

N/50 mm (min.)

warp 175

weft 160

BS 3424/6B

Tear Strength

N (min.)

warp 100

weft 80

BS 3424/7B

Service Temperature Range

-20 ° C to +120 ° C

Resistance to water/weathering


Chemical Resistance

Good resistance to oils, greases, acids and solvents.

Flame Resistance

Complies with parts 2A and 2B

BS 5438:1976

Flame Resistance

Achieves Class 1 surface spread of flame

BS 476:Part 7

NB. These are typical results intended for guidance only.

Translucent. High Temp - EF1250/S. High Temp - ET1250/S. High Temp - EF1200/S. High Temp - ET1200/S. Request a Quote. High Temp - EF620/S. High Temp - ET620/S. Jute Impregnated - EJ1000/FR. Opaque Red - EO610/FR. Glass Fibre Loomstate - EL420. Glass Fibre Weavelock EW420. Neoshield EN540.