We weld and fabricate from plastic sheet materials (ie polypropylene, HDPE, PVC and others). Another speciality is plastic pipe fusion and we can assemble complex pipework arrays using socket or butt fusion techniques. We also offer precision machining of plastic components from solid block or rod.

We also work in clear acrylic, polycarbonate and PET-G including hot-line bending. We are able to supply machine guards and other clear fabrications.

Many of our products are used for chemical storage or containment, fume abatement or liquid filtration. We are pleased to offer help, advice and design input on anything plastic or chemical related.

Here is a list of some of the products we have produced:

  • Chemical storage tanks
  • Water tanks
  • Electroplating tanks
  • Chemical dipping/etching tanks
  • Containment bunds
  • Drip trays
  • Wet benches
  • Fume cupboards
  • Dosing cabinets
  • Fume scrubbers
  • Ducting and ventilation
  • Filter cases
  • Pipework systems
  • Pump skids
  • Guards and screens
  • Acrylic features
  • Polycarbonate sheet
  • Rainwater tanks
  • Rigid pond liners
  • Pond filters

Techinical and Medical Resources (TMR)

Specialist suppliers for biomedical spare parts. Our market is in Third Party Servicing Companies, Hospital Engineering and Original Equipment Manufacturers - Worldwide

Products and Services

  • Service Kits for Vapamasta Vaporisers, TEC 3, TEC 4 and TEC 5’s.
  • In-house capability for servicing, repairs and conversions of Vapamasta MK5 and MK6 Vaporisers.
  • Probes to BS5682, NIST Fittings, complete Pipeline Assemblies, Flowmeters, Regulators and Bodoc Seals.
  • Consumables: Facemasks, Corrugated Black Rubber Tubing, Charlotte Inhalers, Re-usable Connectors, etc.
  • Original and replacement parts for many different manufacturers. View the list.
  • X-Ray Tubes and CRT’s for any make of X-Ray Machine and GE Mobile consumables and spares.
  • In-house prototype and design service for Anaesthetic Gas Delivery Systems and associated equipment and consumables/accessories.


Count Capsules and Teblets Rapidly, Accurately and Hygienically

  • Accurate - Cleverly designed to make miscounting virtually impossible.
  • Easy to Use - Hand held and operated - no power required, no complex electronics.
  • Fast - Accuracy is checked at a glance. Ideal for repetitive counting.
  • Adaptable - Counts capsules, pills and tablets of almost any shape, size and transparency.
  • Hygienic - Rapidly dismantled for easy cleaning. Occasional dusting maintains highest standards of hygienic dispensing.
  • Durable - The Tumatic is precision made in England from high quality, long-lasting acrylic.

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