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Embalex Translucent Safety Welding Curtains

Exposure to ultraviolet, or UV, radiation is harmful to both the eyes and the skin and can result in serious health conditions such as Erythema (skin burn) and Keratino Conjunctivitis (Arc Eye).

It is vital, therefore, that for complete safety in the workplace, harmful UV radiation produced during industrial processes such as electric arc welding is filtered out to protect personnel in the vicinity not equipped with suitable shielding and eye protection.

Embalex Safety Curtains are designed to provide this protection whilst offering the additional benefits of improved visibility and increased safety standards on the shop floor.

General Description

Tough, lightweight, flame-resistant, translucent tinted, nylon-reinforced PVC material. Designed to allow good visible light transmission whilst reducing dazzle and eliminating harmful UV radiation. Provides protection from sparks and flying particles.

Specification Details


UV-modified, flexible, nylon-reinforced, plasticised PVC, polished film.


315 - 365 g/m2

Spectral Transmission

No transmission below 400 nm

(ie. Absorbs all harmful UV light).

Visible Light Transmission


ASTM . D 1003

Burst Strength

kN/m2 (min.)


BS 3424/8B

Tensile Strength

N/50mm (min.)

warp 340

weft 220

BS 3424/6B

Tear Strength

N (min.)

warp 130

weft 130

BS 3424/7B

Cold Crack Resistance

-6 ° C

BS 3424/10A

Heat Resistance

+60 ° C

BS 3424/10

Flex Cracking (min.)

Resistant to 250,000 flexes

BS 3424/11B

Flame Resistance

Passes parts 2A and 2B

BS 5438:1989

NB. These are typical results intended for guidance only.

Manufactured in the U.K. from tough, flame resistant PVC materials which are light, flexible and easy to use, Embalex Safety Curtains are strong enough to withstand the most demanding industrial environment, offering protection against dust, grit, spatter and glare.

Embalex Safety Curtains are supplied hemmed and double sewn all round, with eyelets fitted and hooks provided for easy suspension from lightweight rails.

Embalex Safety Screens are also available, comprising the curtain insert complete with hooks and a portable, easily erected galvanised mild steel frame.

Embalex Strip Curtains can also be supplied in standard widths of 405mm and 485mm with 25% overlap, length as required.

Translucent. High Temp - EF1250/S. High Temp - ET1250/S. High Temp - EF1200/S. High Temp - ET1200/S. Request a Quote. High Temp - EF620/S. High Temp - ET620/S. Jute Impregnated - EJ1000/FR. Opaque Red - EO610/FR. Glass Fibre Loomstate - EL420. Glass Fibre Weavelock EW420. Neoshield EN540.