Embalex Safety Curtains

Embalex Safety Curtains

Exposure to ultraviolet, or UV, radiation is harmful to both the eyes and the skin and can result in serious health conditions such as Erythema (skin burn) and Keratino Conjunctivitis (Arc Eye).

It is vital, therefore, that for complete safety in the workplace, harmful UV radiation produced during industrial processes such as electric arc welding is filtered out to protect personnel in the vicinity not equipped with suitable shielding and eye protection.

Embalex Safety Curtains are designed to provide this protection whilst offering the additional benefits of improved visibility and increased safety standards on the shop floor.

Here are all the safety curtains we offer:

  • Translucent
  • High Temp - EF1250/S
  • High Temp - ET1250/S
  • High Temp - EF1200/S
  • High Temp - ET1200/S
  • High Temp - EF620/S
  • High Temp - ET620/S
  • Jute Impregnated - EJ1000/FR
  • Opaque Red - EO610/FR
  • Glass Fibre Loomstate - EL420
  • Glass Fibre Weavelock EW420
  • Neoshield EN540

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